Who is Mike van Stappershoef?

Sport has been an important part of my life. With a background of various sports (including football and kickboxing), my interest in fitness has increased significantly over the years. As a personal trainer I distinguish myself by continuously developing. For example, I have obtained several certificates in the past few years, so that I can guide customers even better. My mission is to help clients who have set certain goals for themselves and my goal is, to do that with a kind, but driven approach.


Fitness Level 1, T.O.P. Trainer A & B

In short, the above certificates mean that I can make personalized nutrition and exercise plans, based on everyone's personal goals. I also go deeper into the various specific training methods and methods to intensify the training. Topics such as functional training, power, acceleration, deceleration, rapid strength, explosive strength and hormone training are also discussed in detail here. Not only people who just started working out, but also athletes and top athletes can benefit enormously from this!

Personal Hormonal Profiling

Trained in the influence and properties of the various hormones in our body and certified to measure the bodyfat percentage with a 12-point skinfold measurement.

Certified Mylogenics Practioner

The Mylogenics method is focused on the prevention and treatment of injuries and focuses on performance improvement. The aim of this method is that injuries and/or pain complaints are analysed, treated and remedied.


Chamber of Commerce 72508752
VAT: NL002233090B81

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